Andrew Shirback



Providing web design services at prices you can afford.

As a "computer nerd" I have always  created websites for myself, friends, performers and business partners dating back as early as 2004, doing so as a hobby. In that time I have had the pleasure of making websites for the world's leading Elvis tribute artist Dwight Icenhower, actor Steve White who appeared in Eddie Murphy's Coming To America and also created an e-commerce store and website for Visani Italian Steakhouse And Comedy Theater that has done over $1 million in online ticket sales.

In October of 2019 I decided to step down from my position as General Manager of Visani after more than 13 years in the hospitality industry to pursue web design full time. As Visani's GM I was responsible for all advertisements and online presence including: menu design, social media management, marketing, print media, video advertisements, radio advertisements, billboard design and more; equipping me with the experience required to create SS Design And Creative LLC. As the General Manager we were able to double the establishment's profits within 2 years and make it the #1 restaurant and thing to do according to

Since opening SS Design And Creative I have had the pleasure of making websites for many local businesses across Charlotte and Sarasota county. I have recently started working with several tech companies that provide office solutions to help run your successful business, such as California based company Advanced Messaging Services.

At SS Design And Creative we also provide more than just website design and search engine optimization. We have been contracted by numerous companies to provide social media management, advertising solutions, logo design, business consulting and more.

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